SOLID Jointing biscuits
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A quality and precision at a fair price

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Twelve years of cooperation with clients from Europe and Africa

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Family business based on relationships and credibility

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We produce the beech jointing biscuits of the highest quality.

SOLID jointing biscuits are marked with our own logo, because we are proud of their durability and precise performance.


Distributors from Germany, England, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Estonia and South Africa receive a first-class product at a competitive price, which makes their customers feel satisfied and the goods disappear from warehouses.
As a small family company, we have full control over the production process. We approach each order individually, which is why many partners have been working with us continuously for several years now.
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SOLID jointing biscuits are made of pressed beech wood.


Innovative technology for the production of jointing biscuits. We use the optimal arrangement of the rings, which increases their strength.


The sizes we offer are "20", "10" nad "0".


Our jointing biscuits are packed in boxes of 1000 pieces.

Do you sell the jointing biscuits? Why not increase the number of happy customers? Check out what you can get with us!


Ordered jointing biscuits will reach you quickly and safely. We have been sending them to recipients in many countries for years without any delay.


Join the distributors who want customer satisfaction, not complaints. Offer them quality at a good price.


Give your customers another reason to return to you. Order the jointing biscuits often and willingly bought, among others in Italy, Germany or England.


Thanks to the perfect thickness of the jointing biscuits, the problem with assembling furniture elements disappears. Isn't that what your recipients dream about?


Jointing biscuits manufactured according to innovative technology will delight your customers with precision of workmanship and durability.


The EU's COMMON market means secure cooperation. In addition, we add the trust that customers have given us for twelve years.

Would you like to be our distributor? Test the quality of SOLID jointing biscuits. Order a free test package and we will send it to you within 7 days.

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I work with SOLID because it guarantees excellent quality and competitive prices. They treat us like friends and working with them gives us an advantage over our competitors.

Jonathan, FHD Fitting & Handle Dustributors, RPA

Reliability in terms of deliveries and good price for quality are the assets that convinced me to cooperate with SOLID. They have better contact with the customer than other companies. I am pleased with this cooperation.

Kamil, Furnica LTD, United Kingdom

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    ul. Bogumińska 17, 44-350 Gorzyce

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